FUJIFILM X-E1, XF18mm F2 R, 1/40, F2, ISO200, Photo by T.Nakanishi


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This is the second smallest XF lens after the pancake lens. I hear for many people, this 27mm focal length (35mm equiv.) is hard to master. Certainly, it's a little wider than the common 35mm or 50mm, while it's not wide enough to get wide perspective. I'm not good at this focal length either, but once I mounted it on the X body, I was able to shoot very naturally without hesitation, to my surprise. I think it's because of the compact combination of this lens and the body. It was difficult to step a little forward or backward with a large SLR camera, but it was easy with this set which allowed me to shoot from high or low angles, or to reach out. The picture quality is also wonderful to the corners.

( Photography & Text : T.Nakanishi )

FUJIFILM X-E1, XF18mm F2 R, 1/150, F2, ISO200, Photo by T.Nakanishi

With the rich tonality, it shows the subject like it's emerging from the background.

FUJIFILM X-E1, XF18mm F2 R, 1/400, F2, ISO200, Photo by T.Nakanishi

I reached out to shoot the lampshade and the wooden signboard. A mirrorless camera makes it easy to shoot in this manner. It wonderfully captured the texture of the rust and letters.

FUJIFILM X-E1, XF18mm F2 R, 1/55, F2, ISO200, Photo by T.Nakanishi

While it depicted the highlighted lace curtains extremely well, it also captured shadow tonality without fail.

FUJIFILM X-Pro1, XF18mm F2 R, 1/320, F8, ISO200, Photo by T.Nakanishi

Evening lights make scenes look three-dimensional. This is a lens that you can rely on, so you can shoot in this condition without hesitation.