What makes SONY is their innovative mind being free from preconceptions. The so-called "Lens Style Camera" QX10 and QX100 are camera units that look like just a lens, and by simply attaching them on your smart phone you can upgrade your smart phone to a high quality compact camera. In terms of picture quality, it's equivalent to one of SONY's compact cameras: the small lightweight QX10 with a 10X zoom is equivalent to the WX200, while the QX100 with a 1-inch sensor is equivalent to the RX100M2. It's already exciting that they upgrade smart phones, but the new shooting style made possible by detachability from the operating interface is quite epoch-making. Now, let's see how they expand your shooting capability.

( Photography : Z II & M.Ito / Text : 48 )

A new perspective made available by separating a lens from the monitor.

Once they are attached on your smart phone, they make it a compact camera. But, you can also use them without attaching them, which is so much fun. There're cameras with the vari-angle LCD, but these lenses can be operated completely separated from the operating interface and it provides unlimited points of view. You can reach into a narrow spot, aim from high position, or you can just put it somewhere. You can also take a group shot including yourself or just shoot yourself. And, a small tripod will just do to fix it. These possibilities make me rethink how my daily life can be photographed with these new devices.

I shot this from high position by reaching hand. You can do the same thing with a conventional camera, but it7s tough to look up to the camera whose LCD is far away. In such a condition, it's hard to adjust focusing points, too. Also, this new interesting shooting style will enable shooting through the crowds in events such as sport festivals.

Of course, the QX series enables ground-level shots like this. Change of viewpoints brings different pictures. As I tried ground-level shots this time, I felt my viewpoint going back to the one in my childhood. I started to be interested in small things. The children's faces look happy, don't they?

This one came out very surrealistic. I think the sculptors of this objects hadn't expected to be looked up from the bottom. Actually, without the QX series, no one would even though about trying it, I think.

The "camera" picture quality sweeps cellphones.

Since the QX series is a device for photography, it's natural that they take high quality pictures, compared to cell/smart phones. The compact and reasonable QX10 has a convenient 25-250mm (35 equiv.) high zoom lens, while the powerful QX100 is based on the renowned compact RX100M2 and you can shoot with confidence. So, you may want to get the QX10 for portability, while you may pick up the QX100 for picture quality. What's common between the two devices is sharing capability of high quality pictures saved in your smartphone. You can e-mail them or post them to SNS instantly after shooting. This capability is something we take it for granted nowadays, isn't it?

This one was shot with the QX10. What cell phones don't have is the optical zoom lens. The 250mm focal length will definitely expand your shooting capability.

With this resolving power and sharpness of the QX100, I can shoot with confidence. For more information on its picture quality, please also refer to the report of the RX100M2, which generates stunning pictures as a compact camera.

The ISO is fixed to auto, but the high ISO performance will let you focus on shooting without worry about the ISO. I think the majority of scenes that people want to share is dark scenes such as dining or parties, and with the QX series you can take great pictures in such an adverse condition. What people "like" is of course a shot that looks delicious, isn't it?

Enjoy the photo gadget of a new era with flexible ideas.

If you expect a camera from these products, they may betray your expectation a bit. If you want a camera-like operation, just get the base compact cameras WX200 or RX100M2. They are the products made by simply realizing SONY's idea that "it should be interesting if there's an unit of just a lens and a sensor." Because they are operated only by Wi-Fi connection with a smart phone, they are prone to time lag and they are not the best camera to shoot fast moving objects or to capture the decisive moments. If I had to say, they may work better when they are fixed on something. For example, they should give you amazing viewpoints if they are fixed on top of the long pole. In the party, they will make a good topic for conversation. You can just hand them to someone else and separate a shooter into "a lens holder" and "an operator." As you see, the children liked them very much and they are all smiling.