Carl Zeiss Touit 1.8/32

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This large aperture standard prime lens from the Carl Zeiss is something we had been waiting for. The modern design fits the NEX bodies and it will make a great regular lens. Just by looking at the LCD, I immediately noticed that this lens makes the most of the NEX-5N's basic performance. Through the eye of the Planar, your view will be more sophisticated. There were some occasions when the focus was slow, but the output is great regardless of focus distance. Also, you can actively use different apertures to achieve the high-grade expression you need. It would also be nice if used with NEX-7 or NEX-6 with an EVF. It is because of such lens that makes you want to go out and shoot.

( Photography : Z II & M.Ishizuka / Text : M.Ishizuka )

  • I came across the Shinto wedding ceremony and some foreign tourists were taking shots screaming "wow!" I understand that because even the Japanese like me fluttered. The bokeh is soft and natural.

  • Sharp enough wide open, but not hard. Nice isn't it? This is the Planar.

  • Sharpness increases drastically when stopped down a little. Despite the glare, it has a rich tonality.

  • I wanted to check the close-up and the bokeh with this shot. Mirrorless cameras are refreshingly interesting because you can check the bokeh in the viewfinder.

  • It was a hot day. The transparency of water is well rendered. The clarity and contrast are just like what I get from a slide film.

  • A scene through glass shows many things. With this lens, you can get what you expect from the Planar.

  • Macro photography becomes more fun because you can get this close. The edge lines are traced nicely and the texture of napkins is realistic.

  • The soft rendering wide open brings this picturesque output. The focus becomes thinner and more critical at this close distance.

  • It's sharp enough wide open, but it becomes even more well-defined if you stop down a bit. The distortion isn't annoying.

  • The front window is wet with the rain. Amazingly, the resolution power renders each reflecting lights. Also, the texture of paint and metal are realistic. Still, this is a shot wide open.