Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/4G ED VR

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Unlike standard and telephoto lenses up to 300mm, the 500mm is certainly not for everyone and it's typically chosen by sports and birds photographers who also use a tele-converter. While there're many great photographers shooting stunning images in the fields above, we took this cannon lens to the streets and see what we can do with it. At this focal length, I'm already amazed by the way the sharp focal peak emerges from the melted defocus image in the viewfinder. And, the AF brushed up in the sports photography is lightning fast. As for the image quality, the front bokeh tends to be slightly double-lined, while the back bokeh is so smooth and I think the tuning is desirable for a lens with this focal length. It's extremely sharp wide open and the drawing line is natural. This is a kind of lens users expect to always perform the best regardless of situation and I could truly feel its excellent performance. And, the new vibration reduction is a welcome addition to all users.

( Photography : S.Zets / Text : K )

Is she looking for someone? With the powerful cropping feel and the massive bokeh, the image looks very different from everyday scenes.

I feel I can almost touch their hard hairs presumably with sweat. This clear rendition is a specialty of a prime lens.

With the realistic and detailed rendition of the powerful muscles, spreading sweat, and the lively motion in the tense air, the price sounds convincing.