Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8G ED VR

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For a long time, the 400m F2.8 has been used in sports, motor sports, and bird photography as a "standard lens." And, with a tele-converter, it has been used for other subjects. This lens is very sharp and produces big beautiful bokeh. Thanks to the VR, you are free from the heavy tripod or monopod, and you can take it to new situations where you had hesitated before. For example, shooting landscape around wide open is now a reality.

( Photography : S.Zets / Text : KIMURAX )

I raised the ISO and shot with an ultra high shutter speed. It captured the brawny well-tuned legs vividly. Clarity is so high. Color reproduction is wonderful. And, the back bokeh is smooth.

Thanks to the fast AF-S focusing capability, I could freeze the moment he dropped the bar. The proper amount of bokeh works to tell the faces of other players.

Even staff becomes a main player once this lens focuses on them. He also looks cool with his muscle trained by carrying heavy equipment.