Nikon Ai AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D

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Nikon's macro lenses have been highly rated. There're two 60mm lenses in the line up: the "G" type without the aperture ring and the "D" type with it. And, this report covers the latter. Unlike the macro lenses around 90mm, the angle of view is closer to standard and it's also great for snapshooting. And, macro means excellent image quality from the nearest distance to infinity. Some people use a standard macro lens instead of the regular one and I think it's a great idea. And, this is perfect first macro lens because of the versatility.

( Photography & Text : K )

It's very sharp and clear wide open, but it also has some gentleness. And, the same goes for the latest "G" type. I thin this is because of the round and massive bokeh drawn by thin line.

The bokeh has a core and it's round and this soft rendition is relaxing. It's sharp enough wide open, but becomes even sharper by stopping down.

In the past, macro lenses weren't good at focusing on infinity. Now, it's sharp as you see. And, because it's a macro lens, it's free from distortion.