Nikon Ai AF Nikkor 28mm f/2.8D

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The significant vignetting (on the full frame) and the color reproduction match nostalgic images like this one. While there're many excellent zoom lenses, the reason for choosing a prime lens is its unique character. This is a lens for artists and it7s worth trying because it captures stagnated air and paints the sky with rich colors. This compact lens can always be put into the bag. Whenever you want an image as if they were drawn by a thick pencil, or whenever you encounter a scene as if it were painted with acryl colors, use this lens and you can get an interesting result.

( Photography & Text : K )

At a ferry dock with sodium lighting after the sunset. The sharp focal peak is the specialty of a prime lens. The tunnel effect caused by the dramatic vignetting stimulates imagination.

Even though it's 28mm F2.8, the bokeh is big wide open and it's round. The contrast is very high, while the gradation isn't sacrificed.

On an APS-C camera, the angle of view becomes equivalent to 40mm, which is highly versatile and ideal for traveling.