Nikon Ai AF Nikkor 24mm f/2.8D

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The 24mm focal length is the widest end of recent standard zoom lenses. Because the focal length isn't too wide to worry about strong perspective unlike 21mm and 20mm, it's easier to play with while you can enjoy the unique wide perspective. Even though this lens is more than 10 years old, it has nice contrast and color reproduction which work to draw the sky beautifully. To be honest, the resolution isn't very high, but it's natural and soft like a human eye. And, the compact design is perfect for daily shooting.

( Photography : Y.Moriki / Text : KIMURAX & K )

This girl walking unsteadily seemed to be frightened by the sudden wind. I worried about her, but after realizing she was just enjoying the feel of the water surface, I took this shot. 24mm was wide enough to cover the whole environment and it worked to imply her oops-a-daisy feeling.

While I was trying to shoot the stone pavement emphasized by the soft sunshine from the cold sky, I had this guest all of a sudden. And, I'm sure you have similar experiences. At the moment of shutter release, I kind of worried about the composition although I gave priority to the timing. Even if you ask about the meaning of this shot, I cannot give you a good answer. But, I like it personally.

My focusing was loose, but the wideness rescued this shot. This is a compact lens to shoot freely. And, of course, you can enjoy the sweet vignetting, too.

The man was standing alone on the edge of the surf and I didn't know what he was thinking. Looks like I could include everything I needed: Mt. Fuji, a rock in the front, and a pine tree. A photographer can be a complete bystander and an egoist at the same time. No, we're only egoists, aren't we? But, to me I feel most rewarded when I was driven by spiritual state of nothingness. Anyway, ultra wide angle lenses tend to overinclude things, but sometimes it works perfectly.