Nikon Ai AF Nikkor 20mm f/2.8D

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This ultra wide 20mm lens can emphasize perspective and it's great for landscape. Plus, the wide angle of view allows shooting in a limited space. Generally, wide lenses are prone to field curvature in close distance. And, this lens corrects it with the close-range correction system. If you level the frame and shoot the subject fight in front, this lens will freeze the scene. Conversely, if you shoot dynamically without worrying about leveling, it will give images a feeling of speed. So, this is an interesting lens that you can enjoy its bilateral character.

( Photography : S.Zets & K / Text : KIMURAX & K )

When I see these happy children, I thought their field of view is around that of a 20mm lens, and wondered what the field of view of adults can be. The distortion is well corrected as we expect from a prime lens.

Having checked leveling, I shot from a moving train car. Even though the distant view is frozen, the view below is flowing.

When I looked up, the buildings started to gather into the frame as if they wanted to be included.

Even in the shot utilizing the perspective, the focal length is very sharp while the bokeh looks natural.

The width was about 8m, but the feeling of scale is emphasized significantly. And, thanks to the horrendous clouds, l feel kike I was looking from a runway of a fortress somewhere.