This is a macro lens dedicated to APS-C cameras and the angle of view is equivalent to 60mm in 35mm format. Despite the reasonable price, it's very sharp wide open and the bokeh is natural and beautiful. And, while some zoom lenses have a magnification of 1:2, this 1:1 macro lens shows a whole different world. Plus, the short telephoto focal length is convenient for portrait and table photography.

( Photography : M.Ito / Text : KIMURAX )

The soft and big bokeh melts into the background naturally. Even the supposedly fluffy down looks stinging because of the minute depiction and it adds to the expression of the powerful nature.

I stopped down and the focal peak is the wooden door of the deep inside. And, it looks like a curious glace at the door through the gate.

The vivid colors, the contrast, and the bokeh express the delicious taste.