Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II

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The 300mm F2.8 has always been the star player among all interchangeable lenses. And, this lens is flawless thanks to the lighting-fast focusing, electrifying sharpness wide open, beautiful bokeh, vibration reduction, nano-crystal coat, and ED lenses. The above shot of the tense moment demonstrates the minute definition realizing the 3D quality and the clear rendition. With this super high capability, you can shoot just about anything including distant portraits, sports, landscapes, and lowlight photography.

( Photography : S.Zets / Text : KIMURAX )

It minutely defined the softness and stiffness (wet part) of the hairs.。

The resolution is high enough to define each wrinkle as well as the dry texture of the skin. The image size realized by 300mm focal length is just huge.

Looks like something happened. The texture of his suit is clearly defined. The amount of bokeh is perfect and the rendition is very clear.