SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports

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This telephoto zooms up to 600mm, which is impressive enough. And, more amazingly, SIGMA has launched two versions with identical focal length and max aperture. One version belongs to their "contemporary line" pursuing mobility, while other version belongs to their "sports line" realizing the highest robustness and optical performance. As we had interviewed SIGMA at the last Photokina, they produced two different lenses because it was hard to incorporate everything they wanted to realize into one lens. I think this is an interesting approach and believe they did so because they met the demands from the customers sincerely. This version has not only a rugged weather-resistant construction, but also optical design without compromise. This resulted in heaviness and bulkiness, but I find it motivating. Anyway, let's check out the world that this lens captures.

( Photography : Z II / Text : Serow48 )

The resolution is high wide open even though it's an ultra telephoto zoom lens. And, the wide range from 150mm to 600mm is nothing but convenient. The optical stabilization is so powerful that you can shoot it handheld, although I now have sore muscles in my arm...

The low level of the chromatic aberration of magnification demonstrates the high optical performance of this lens. The edge of water looks so clear and the close-up with this focal length is merely impressive.

A telephoto lens demonstrates its value when it makes the subject pop out in this distance. It has slight vignetting at the tele-end wide open, but our staff tends to adore it. Anyway, you can always eliminate it by stopping down. The point is that you can control it according to the scene you shoot.

This lens is too big for snapshooting, but the flexibility of the 150mm-600mm range is hard to resist. Even though you rarely need 600mm on the street, the flexibility gives you a peace of mind which leads to the best shot.

It's this kind of subject that you want to pull subjects toward you. It's hard to get close to animals in the zoo, so I truly appreciated the convenience of this lens. This is a shoebill, one of the endangered species. Thankfully, shooting was easy because it rarely moved.

A kingfisher at a park, one of the most popular subjects for bird photographers. The resolution is high and the 3D pop is great, too. While there're so many telephoto lenses out there, I think this one can end the quest for the best one because of the wide range.

Standing alone, I aimed this cannon to the lingering strait. The expressive ability of this ultra telephoto lens is a powerful weapon for traveling.

Because of the strong pulling capability, I feel even moment can be the adorable. Choosing equipment and traveling shares one thing in common: there's no end...

SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports

This is the ideal lens for someone who wants the unique zoom range that is not found in genuine lineups and the uncompromised performance. The weather-resistant construction will be trusted by landscape and animal photographers shooting outdoors. The optical stabilizer is powerful enough to support handheld shooting, but I think this lens demonstrates the best performance when shot with a monopod or a tripod. In the past, the 600mm world was available only with a tele-converter. Now, it's included in this one lens. Are you new to the ultra telephoto? Or, do you want a longer lens? This 150-600mm is a solid choice and the only question is when you step into it.

( 03.06.2015 )